Geodetic project

Geodetic project is a collection of cadaster and land registry data, drawings, studies and documents.

The purpose of geodetic projects is an adjustment to the cadaster and land registry, forming the building plot if necessary and registering the building.

Geodetic project is made as a separate part of the conceptual or main project and it must be connected and aligned with other projects on the basis of which the building permit is a part of.

Entrie in the cadaster and the land registry

Entries in the cadaster and the land registry are an obligation of every owner of the property.

The house is entered in building register with studies of building or other structures on property on the basis of a legal act as proof of the legality of the building.

Study for registration is done by an authorized geodetic company.

Parceling of land

Parceling of land is a division or merge of two or more cadastral parcels, and can be done in construction and agriculture areas.

Parceling of building land within the building area and outside this area have to may be carried out only in accordance with the location permit, building permit, the decision on determination of the building plot and a detailed urban plan.

For the subdivision of agricultural land is necessary to have certificate from the competent office for construction, witch proofs that the cadastral plot is outside the building area.

A reconciliation of cadaster and land registry

A reconciliation of cadaster and land registry is a procedure that adjust data of the cadastral and land registry status.

If you are selling the land, or have chosen to build or to carry on ownership separation in apartment building, or are just in the process of obtaining a document of competition of the building, it is necessary to harmonize the cadastral and ownership (land) data. Otherwise, it's hard to sell the land and you will not be able to obtain licenses for the construction and you will not be able to carry out ownership separation in apartment building.

Legalization of building

We are offering a complete service of documents and drawings to complete the application for legalization in the short term. We offer geodetic survey of built design, creating an architectural image of built design, and also a proof of mechanical resistance and stability.

Marking out of the building

Marking out of the building limits before construction and documentation of markings is a legal obligation for residential and commercial buildings. Marking out of building is transferring designed elements (points, heights, dimensions) on the site.

After obtaining the permit on building conditions and building permits, authorized geodesist will mark out the building at the site.

Marking out the boundary lines

Marking out the boundary lines is a procedure that defines the boundaries of the field according to the cadastral data.

Geodetic surveying of utility projects

Geodetic surveying of utility projects includes surveying the position of turning points of utility projects, the survey of height turning points, intersections with other utility projects and surveying related facilities.

In the cadaster of utility projects data is managed for utility projects and related facilities in the electricity, telecommunications, water supply, sewerage, hot water, gas and pipeline network.

Geodetic surveying of utility projects built for the service lines, is carried out in a way that utility projects are measured from the connection at the building wall to the first community connection port.

Based on the surveying of utility projects geodetic report for cadaster of utility projects is made, either for a new line, or for any change in existing utility projects.

Surveying is of extreme importance for the maintenance, retrieval, and subsequent planning, or execution of works near existing lines.

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